New from Cheshire High School 2021

The students were all so happy to be back in person! The German Club started up right away, and activities thus far have been: making personal Schultüten, pumpkin painting contest, Haribo Gummibärchen Tasting Contest (which color is which flavor?), decorating Lebkuchenherzen (paper cut-outs) and making lanterns for St. Martinstag. 

At the beginning of October we took part in the “Meet a German” program, and were able to have a live Google Meet with a teacher in German. The students learned a lot about school life!

At the end of November each class took a tour of the on-line Wanderbus, and in December, my mother joined us on a Google Meet to teach the classes a paper craft to create large snowflakes. She is a retired math teacher, so we included the German terms for shapes, angles and folds into the lesson. 

At this time we are getting ready to take the National German Exam, and planning more activities for the Spring.